About AMET

Our Mission

To increase Aesthetic Medicine safety standards and improve patient outcomes through providing all aesthetic practitioners with accessible 24-hour support, as well as providing current, evidence-based regional guidelines for complication management and safe injecting techniques.

Our Vision

A unified, recognized and regulated medical aesthetic industry that is centered around providing patients with evidence-based, safe and natural looking aesthetic treatments.

About AMET

Complication prevention and management is by far the greatest unmet need in Global aesthetics. Many complications that arise in aesthetics are avoidable, however even the most experienced of aesthetic health care practitioner will still encounter adverse events. As health care practitioners, we need to remember that we can control HOW we administer treatments, but we cannot control what happens next. However, by carefully and promptly managing these unexpected adverse events, outcomes for our patients will be greatly improved.

Training to administer Aesthetic skin treatments remains largely unregulated and thus falls into the hands of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

These companies work within a heavily regulated corporate pharmaceutical environment dedicated to the sales and production of these S4 medicines/devices. This in turn leads to a natural “push” in upskilling practitioners as quickly as possible in the shortest time frame. Currently there is literally no support for complication management from any of these companies as treatment for aesthetic complications is considered off label and any health and/or medical advice MUST come from a registered health care practitioner.

At AMET, we believe nobody should ever feel alone or unsupported in any area of aesthetic medicine. Many injectors may have attended training workshops, however the fact that complications are by nature rare, means many injectors cannot apply the information they have learnt. This leaves many practitioners feeling vulnerable and unsupported. Then add to this many experts having different ways of treating adverse events PLUS the ever-changing global recommendations, it is no wonder that most aesthetic injectors are left feeling confused and scared.

Our industry also lacks consistency with respect to both administration and management guidelines. For example, most clinic’s S4 prescriptions and/or standing orders are displayed very differently, with many of them not actually in line with the regulatory recommendations! Our platform is designed to create an accessible, clear framework for aesthetic injectors thereby unifying our consultation and treatment implementation which creates safer outcomes for patients.

It is because of this that Aesthetic MET was born. We are the most affordable and unbiased service that provides accessible, evidence-based safety information on aesthetic injectable and skin treatments. Our dedicated team of experienced Aesthetic Nurses are a phone call or email away to help manage any complication you may have. Our team is also here to help answer any questions that will help prevent complications.

For complications that require additional medical intervention, we will facilitate complication management through our network of extremely experienced practitioners (including Ophthalmologists, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Cosmetic Physicians, and Nurse Practitioners). We will be by your side every step of the way.

AMET is so incredibly passionate about safety. We review all of our protocols together with the Aesthetic Complication Advisory Panel (ACAP) every year to ensure all our protocols are current and in line with regional and global recommendations.

We encourage aesthetic practitioners from all backgrounds to sign up and support us by becoming a member. We are dedicated to providing continual safety content and support by various means, however we need your personal support to do this. We need to come together and support each other, and most importantly our patients, in times of need.

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