Illustrated Guide to Injectable Fillers


Sattler, Gerhard / Gout, Uliana

Series: Aesthetic Methods for Skin Rejuvenation
1st Edition 2015
Book, Hardcover, 294 pages, 380 images
Language: English
Subjects: Dermatology, Plastic Surgery

ISBN 978-1-85097-251-8
KVM – der Medizinverlag

This comprehensive book presents the established concepts for and most recent scientific findings on the application of hyaluronic acid fillers in dermal esthetics. Intended for experienced practitioners as well as those looking to learn the foundations of injectable fillers, this book details the anatomical relationships of the face and gives step-by-step instructions for the most successful treatment protocols for the midface, periorbital region, nasiolabial folds, lips, marionette lines, forehead, and chin. Supplemented with high-quality photographs, long-term case reports, and links to tutorial and example videos, this practical text covers traditional treatment methods as well as the important innovative developments of recent years. Highlights include a decision-making algorithm to determine the best filler product for an individual treatment plan, as well as the first description of the authors’ minimally invasive augmentation surgery (MIAS) treatment approach, which represents a synthesis of state-of-the-art techniques and treatment options for hyaluronic acid fillers. Detailed charts, checklists, and decision-making tools throughout provide a complete, precise guide to facial implantation and augmentation with injectable fillers.

Chapter 1. The Skin
Chapter 2. Active Substances
Chapter 3. Documentation and Organization
Chapter 4. The Examination
Chapter 5. The Treatment
Chapter 6. Regional Applications
Chapter 7. Case Histories
Chapter 8. Practical Aids for the Practitioner

Dr Michael Kane, Aesthetic plastic surgeon, New York, USA and international lecturer on all
topics relating to aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr Gerhard Sattler, President of the GÄCD, the Association for Aesthetic Surgery in Germany
and Executive Director of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery. International
lecturer and Director of the Rosenpark Clinic, Darmstadt, Germany

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