Membership Disclaimer

  • Aesthetic MET membership contains medical information relevant for aesthetic health care practitioners and relevant to TGA approved aesthetic treatments. This information includes both on and off label usage of aesthetic medicines and devices specifically for the prevention and management of aesthetic complications. Information provided by Aesthetic MET is to be used at the discretion of the treating practitioner and is based on practitioner assessment, diagnosis and treatment. It is a requirement of all health care practitioners’ scope of practice to read all referenced material and conduct personal research before following any new medical information.
  • Aesthetic MET are unable to provide medical diagnostic information and this remains the responsibility of the treating and/or overseeing medical or nursing practitioner. Aesthetic MET are not liable for any adverse patient outcomes that arise with or without the use of information given by Aesthetic MET; including but not limited to information given by Aesthetic MET employees, external contractors or external health care practitioners. No guarantee of successful patient outcomes can be made from practitioners following the Aesthetic MET protocols and/or information, and all patient outcomes are a direct responsibility of the treating and prescribing practitioner.
  • Aesthetic MET phone and online support is designed to ease practitioner anxiety only in order to maximize patient safety outcomes. If the member requires or requests medical intervention for a patient, Aesthetic MET will liaise with the most appropriate and nearest available field expert or key advisor to provide this medical assistance. Transfer of the patient is the sole responsibility of the treating practitioners and Aesthetic MET advises that patients are accompanied by the treating practitioner where possible to minimize any transfer related adverse events.
  • No medical diagnostics will be made by Aesthetic MET employees, and should any such information be given outside of these strict guidelines, Aesthetic MET advises members to use their own medical or nursing judgement to determine the appropriateness and accuracy of this information. If any member receives diagnostic information from an Aesthetic MET employee, members are to notify us immediately in writing.
  • Aesthetic MET encourage all health care practitioners (Dr’s, Nurses and Dentists) to treat only within their current scope of practice. Aesthetic MET is NOT a registered training provider and no information given should be used in place of a registered training provider. Members requiring training are encouraged to contact one of the recommended training providers listed in the membership portal. Training providers are recommended following stringent assessment of course structure and content. Aesthetic MET encourage training providers to submit applications to be listed and these will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • All information relating to safe injecting guidelines of administration are based on referenced literature as well as commonly used techniques within Aesthetic Medicine in Australia. Aesthetic MET understands there are multiple techniques and that many practitioners may disagree with information displayed. If this is the case, Aesthetic MET encourages members to contact us with all relevant information and references to support this so we can revise our guidelines and provide a response in a timely fashion.
  • Aesthetic MET welcomes information from all health care practitioners that is designed to improve and/or refine information displayed in the membership portal. Aesthetic MET will be continuously uploading information relevant to Aesthetic Medicine to ensure members received consistent value and support.
  • All health care practitioners must be currently registered with no infringements or penalties relating to the practice of aesthetic medicine in Australia. If a health care practitioner is de registered following membership activation, it is the responsibility of the health care practitioner to notify Aesthetic MET in writing so that membership can be suspended. Aesthetic MET check all membership applications and cross reference the information given with the AHPRA database.
  • Aesthetic medicine and aesthetic complications treatments are constantly evolving and under intense research. Aesthetic MET will continue to work closely with both local and international key advisors, relevant pharmaceutical companies and all relevant regulatory bodies, to ensure all information displayed is kept current and in line with local and global consensus recommendations and health regulations. All protocols will be revised and renewed annually at a minimum unless otherwise directed by local Key Advisors. Members will be notified immediately of any changes to these protocols.

By accepting these terms and conditions I confirm the following:

  • I am currently a registered health care practitioner with no restrictions in place relating to aesthetic medical treatments.
  • I will notify Aesthetic MET if I am deregistered or if any restrictions are made on my ability to practice.
  • I am currently legally allowed to perform aesthetic medical treatments in Australia or my country of practice.
  • I will only practice aesthetic medical treatments within my scope of practice and will not attempt to implement new techniques until I have received adequate training for such techniques.
  • I will not use information from Aesthetic MET as the ONLY source of aesthetic safety information and I will not rely solely on any information given by Aesthetic MET employees, advisors or contractors alike.
  • I will read referenced literature as well as literature outside of Aesthetic MET to ensure I utilize my own medical or nursing judgement.
  • I understand that Aesthetic MET are unable and will not provide any diagnostic information and that all advice given is based on accurate practitioner assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  • I understand Aesthetic MET is not liable for any patient outcomes through the use of information or protocols provided.
  • I will not use any of the information contained within the membership portal for external business purposes.
  • I understand that Aesthetic MET is not a training academy and I will not use the information provided in place of a registered training provider.
  • I agree to report any misinformation or inappropriate information in writing to Aesthetic MET as soon as possible
  • I will not share any log in details to anyone else so they gain access and that if I do so, further action will be taken including but not limited to membership suspension.
  • My membership will be auto-renewed following the minimum 12-month period unless otherwise requested in writing.
  • Memberships will be auto renewed according to the initial membership subscription – (yearly or monthly).
  • All cancellations or suspensions must be made in writing with a minimum 4 weeks’ notice.
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