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AMET Advisory Approved Adverse Event Protocol Booklet 2023 includes additional protocols, resources, and AMET advisory panel comments


Anaphylaxis & Signs and Symptoms Resources

Stroke HA Filler & Stroke Assessment tools

Vision Loss HA filler & Additional Adjunctive bedside therapies

Server Swelling HA filler & Important consdierations

Vascular Occlusion Hyaluronidase dosing guide & Dosing guide

Infection HA Filler & Prevention Strategies

Delayed onset nodule – HA filler & Evidence-based treatment including AMET advisory panel comments

Low-dose Hyaluronidase  HA filler lumps and bumps & Resources including Overfilled and BDD patients

Botulinum Toxin Non-Responder & Resources including TGA-approved Bont-A preparations

The AMET Advisory panel consists of renowned industry experts whom are highly experienced in aesthetic complication management. Advisors are responsible for overseeing all AMET adverse event protocols to ensure these are both safe and evidenced-based


* References for all adverse event protocols are contained within the AMET members area under the Adverse Events section. This booklet is only able to be purchased by existing AMET MEMBERS. All protocols are provided as an evidenced-based guide for clinicians only. Clinicians are solely responsible for determining the suitability and implementation of any treatment. All protocols contained within reflect the best available data at the time this booklet was prepared. Results of future studies may require revisions to these recommendations and adherence to these guidelines will not ensure successful treatment in every situation.

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